Greetings! First off let us thank everyone who attended the Wallingford Car Rally in 2016. The turn-out was amazing, both in terms of visitors to the main event and the people lining the streets of our wonderful town. Good to see our community spirit in such a welcoming way.

Your generosity has yet again been outstanding, we were able to give £12,000 to local charities and the money you have donated makes such a difference to so many people’s lives.

The fund raising continues in 2017 on Sunday 7th May and registration opens at 8pm on February 1st! The first batch of 150 sold out within 24 hours, thank you once again.

For 2017 we are doing things a little bit differently as we are not having dedicated club parking stands, our attempt is to create a larger version of the earlier events where there was a mix of vehicles in the parade and all over the Kinecroft. This also allows us to have 300 vehicles in the parade, plus we are allowing a further 50 vehicles in our overflow car parking.

Due to the massive response when the event was announced last year, we are releasing tickets over a number of months and also allowing people to buy Parade Only tickets, so you can take part in the parade and either head for home or park up in the overflow on St George’s Road.

150 Main Event tickets went on sale on January 1st and sold out within 24 hours, with a further 50 a month right up to the end of April. Just 50 Parade Only tickets are available in total and they will be on sale from today until they are all gone. This will mean that it is a TICKET ONLY EVENT and there will be no spaces available on the day, so once they’re gone they’re gone!

If you want to take part head over to our new Big Cartel ticket sales site Next batch are on sale from 8pm on February 2nd.

You can also pick up a wristband and nearer the time a t-shirt or two.

At the end of each month we will be posting out the tickets, along with our new sticker for 2017 kindly designed by Moox Creative Design ( and information sheet and map of the event.

We also have new charities, traders and displays and will keep you up to date nearer the time.

And of course, if you would like to help out on the day, please drop us an email and get in touch.


Car Rally Convoy